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City Car Driving is a new interesting and comprehensive simulator for a motorist. If you think this is a typical driving simulator, then you are deeply mistaken. The developers are Russian specialists, so the game was created according to the mentality, with the addition of both an “interesting car” and the usual auto industry, not forgetting to also include foreign cars. For those who cannot drive, this game will be a great workout. So, to improve driving skills or to obtain them you can download City Car Driving torrent.

Story line

In the gameplay, you will transform into a regular motorist, who immediately opens up a lot of four-wheeled vehicles and unlimited movement in two vast cities. You can also go through the training process and the examination period before obtaining rights, ride at night on the highway and at busy intersections during the day. In general, it is assumed that you will follow the rules of the road, although which Russian does not like fast driving? But be careful, as DPS are also present in this game.

City Car Driving is a great opportunity to try yourself in extreme driving and without money loss, so it’s worth download city car driving torrent right now.

What's interestnig

You already know about different driving simulators, but City Car Driving is unique because:

  • the game is designed for a different language contingent, and therefore provides for the presence of many languages, while the Russian-language interface is the main one;
  • It has already been said before that both “interesting cars” and the usual auto industry are included, we also did not forget to add foreign ones. For all vehicles, both right-hand drive and left-hand drive are available;
  • the update makes it possible to ride on the roads of America according to their traffic rules, which will also need to be studied;
  • different weather has been added to the game for you to understand all the nuances of managing the tool in any conditions;
  • it is a simulator of not only driving, but also unforeseen situations of behavior on the pedestrian road, crashes, etc .;
  • in the gameplay you will also be open 24 missions of different levels of complexity and focus;
  • the graphics are set to maximum positions, and the sounds of motors are recorded from real car models;
  • also, with the help of the best graphics, you will be able to evaluate how well created in damage models.

For ardent professionals and ordinary drivers, we offer download city car driving torrent right now on our website. Have a good trip!

Game info

Year: 2016
Genre: Indie, Racing, Simulation
Developer: Forward Development Ltd.
Version: 1.5.9 Full (Last)
Interface language: English, Russian
Tablet: Sewn

Minimum system requirements

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Pentium Dual Core 3,2 GHz 
Memory: 4Gb
Video card: AMD Radeon R7 240 / nVidia GeForce GT 740
Hard Drive Memory: 10Gb

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Comments: 9
  1. Luna

    Cool simulator. True, it's hard to understand the control settings. And so nothing. You can teach the rules of the road to those who want or are going to go to a driving school or have forgotten the rules without having a long time of practice) For example, I play with the steering wheel and it is normal) True, the steering wheel is one hundred and eighty degrees and there is no full sense of reality ... But somehow I remembered things that I forgot a little) I think it's worth playing, lovers of domestic cars) I personally go for a drive on a gazelle) True, for some reason, it's not customary and I catch a lot of pillars) But I think I'll practice and everything will definitely work out)

  2. Oleg

    In general, it is normal. The game very accurately describes all traffic rules (traffic rules), you can even choose the country according to the rules of which you want to train. In,, Career mode, there are many different tasks of different levels of professionalism. There is also a free driving mode, where you can follow the instructions of the instructor or drive as you like. Conveniently, there are statistics on your violations and penalties. All cars are very sophisticated, both outside and inside. In addition, there are many maps and locations in the game. Also very convenient and varied settings, suitable for all controllers.
    I didn't like the fact that there are very few of these cars in the game. Yes, there are numerous mods (modifications) that increase the number of vehicles (they often have better sounds than the original models), but my game stopped working with them. Also City Car Driving has terrible graphics and physics. You say :, Hey! The game is actually 2007! What do you want?" The developers are constantly improving the game by releasing new versions, among which there are graphical upgrades, but the game still looks as if it was produced in 2006-2008 (the car models are beautifully executed), especially the faces. Yes, the faces in this game are not the main thing, by the way there are incredibly few types of npc, but here they look like in Grand Theft Auto 3. The buildings are just low-quality and blurry 2d walls that are drawn unevenly.

  3. Artgame

    The game class is especially like turning on the music quietly ride around the city at night.

  4. Leni

    The best drafts simulator in Moscow time.

  5. Igor

    As for me, the simulator is decent: idea:, especially considering that the developers are Russian. The game fully takes into account all the current traffic rules, but it is not interesting to ride on them, except for users. The only complicating moment for me is the management, the guys have done it too much, it's all a toy, it could have been simpler. I would also like to pay tribute to the graphics, especially the change in weather, so to speak, for realism. Try it, I got a toy : Arrow:

  6. Yaroslav

    A worthy simulator, at least from what I played.
    Of the interesting in the game there are a variety of missions;
    There is also a training and exam, before obtaining rights, which is a good training.
    As for the graphics, everything is at a good level, the sound of the engine is in reality, and the models are created very cool!
    There were good impressions and most importantly, the game was useful!

  7. sabatak

    : Cool:: Cool:: Cool:: Cool:: Arrow:

  8. Tamim

    is this for free

  9. Drewon Evans

    I like this game alot because of the reality: Mrgreen:

;-) :| :x : Twisted: : Smile: : Shock: : sad: : roll: : Razz: : Oops: :o : Mrgreen: : Lol: : Idea: : Grin: : Evil: : Cry: : Cool: : Arrow: : ???: :?: :!: