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More recently, the long-known game Darksiders Genesis, or rather its continuation, entered the world. Prior to this, each person who is fond of games, managed to get to know three riders who for a long time achieved success and fought with their own enemies. Now the hour of contention has come, namely the appearance of the fourth horseman, who will help to cope with all the existing chaos in this world.

If you decide download Darksiders Genesis torrent, then it is worth preparing for a further war with the demons under the direct leadership of Lucifer himself. But, despite the fact that the battle will not take place under equal conditions, the fourth rider with the name “War” can help each player to help, which will help to conduct the battle. To do all this, you must download Darksiders Genesis torrent to go a new way.

Gameplay Features in Darksiders Genesis

In the event that you previously played the previous version, then for you the new version will open up many opportunities and some features that were not there before. The key ones include the following:

  • returning to the legendary series;
  • use of high-level technological graphics;
  • the possibility of passing the game in a corporate mode of activity;
  • detailed familiarization with some details related to the history of the game;
  • getting an extra rider who will help the player.

Therefore before download Darksiders Genesis torrent, it is worth paying attention to these key features.

Previously, the game used several plots, each of which was made in the form of a slasher. Now a new game has been implemented and is available for use in the RPG / Action genre. This makes it possible to exercise control with a top view, focus on your own friend and apply all abilities. In addition, the new version has such a feature as holding a corporate game. Also, each player has a huge selection of various weapons, a tree for pumping his own skills, as well as carrying out a bright battle with all sorts of mutants.

Download Darksiders Genesis torrent it is possible for each player on our website https://torrent4you.org/and then enjoy the new and quite fascinating story.

Game info

Year: 2019
Genre: Action Games, Adventure Games
Developer: Airship Syndicate
Version: v1.01 Full (Last)
Interface language: English, Russian
Tablet: Sewn

Minimum system requirements

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64bit)
Processor: Intel i5
Memory: 4Gb
Video card: GTX 960
Hard Drive Memory: 15Gb

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Comments: 7
  1. Dimas

    Darksiders Genesis is one of my favorite toys. Honestly, the entire line is very cool, but this one just brought to ecstasy, the graphics and plot deserve a score of 5 points, the gameplay is just addictive, it went through it very quickly. True, I have a mediocre computer and could not fully enjoy the graphics, and so the test toy, well done, I tried)))

  2. Timur M.

    Yeah, it's impossible to tear yourself away. Who would have thought that I, a person who is basically indifferent to games, would become so dependent on this game! Delays and time flies by. The graphics and the plot itself, plus all these fantastic special effects - not a game, but just the dream of every avid gamer! I advise everyone - you will definitely not regret choosing Darksiders Genesis. : Idea: : Idea: : Grin: : Cool:

  3. Mark

    As a fan of the first two parts, I could not miss this, but was disappointed. The atmosphere is the same, the surroundings are recognizable. But the game turned out to be dull and boring, although the grafon is cool, bright with good animation, but to play it is boring, a kind of one-button play, I did not master playing it for a long time. Although the game is optimized perfectly, but this is not enough to have fun : sad: : Cry:

  4. Anton

    He played the first and second parts of Darkseiders. The first for the war passed completely, the second for death did not make it hard to pass. I just didn’t enter the penultimate female character, I didn’t even go through. As I understand it, each part is stylistically different from the previous one, I don’t know what it is connected with. In the last with a friend in a co-op they rolled, I really liked both the plot and the gameplay. Probably the best part. : Idea: : Idea:

  5. Oleg

    Honestly, I started playing with this part, my friend advised me and didn’t lose it at all, the toy was simply bomb-like, excellent rendering, the graphics are gorgeous, and at maximum speed it’s generally pretty. The plot is interesting, a lot of variety and bosses, the main thing that does not bother, went through it in one go. Of course I played in other parts, which are also quite good, and the plot and the graphon are normal.

  6. Dogtan

    the best platformer in the world and the most difficult in the world and I died

  7. pantianack

    A very peppy and provocative game, it takes place quite quickly. The game has a huge number of secrets, if you have an item on this subject, then the game is for you. In addition, the game has several interesting and rather complicated achievements.

;-) :| :x : Twisted: : Smile: : Shock: : sad: : roll: : Razz: : Oops: :o : Mrgreen: : Lol: : Idea: : Grin: : Evil: : Cry: : Cool: : Arrow: : ???: :?: :!: