How to fix unarc.dll, msvcp140.dll and other game launch installation errors

In the repack, go to the game VIRUS !!!! What do i do!?

We have never spread viruses and are not going to, and this is a common reaction to a pill / crack in the game, without which the game must be bought. The tablet/crack is not a virus, but can be detected by antivirus or windows defender as a virus.

My game doesn't start/nothing happens/steam starts up/complains about missing steam_api.dll, uplay_r1_loader.dll.

Missing steam_api.dll, uplay_r1_loader.dll, etc. means that the Anti-Virus ate the crack, get it out of quarantine. Either Windows Defender tried. You can turn it off with this program. Win Updates Disabler, anyway, it is useless, it only removes pills / cracks, and skips real viruses.

ISDone.dll\Unarc.dll returned an error code: -**.

Any error with unarc.dll - rehash the torrent, FORCED. 99% chance that this will fix all installation errors. If it doesn't help, then watch the video

Error: missing\not found file msvc***.dll.

You need to install Visual C++ (x64 - Download | x86- Download).

The program cannot be started because d3dx*_**.dll/D3DCompiler_**.dll/X3DAudio*_*.dll/xactengine*_*.dll/xinput*_*.dll/xinput*_*.dll is missing from the computer.

Need to install/reinstall DirectX

The game does not play cutscenes.

Try to install/uninstall K-Lite Codec Pack.


  • For a faster installation, disable the on-the-fly check in the antivirus (only during installation) and do not load the HDD\SSD\processor.
  • "Windows Defender" in Win10 and Utorrent greatly slow down the installation! When enabled, the installation will take 2-3 times longer. You can turn it off with this program. Win Updates Disabler.
  • Install the latest video card drivers, DirectXMicrosoft Visual C ++ RedistributableMicrosoft. NET Framework
  • Run the installer and the game as Administrator.