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The coolest part of the game from the Grand Theft Auto series, yes it is GTA 5, now the most epic part. In Grand Theft Auto 5, you can do whatever you want, it's an open world in which you can be a god! The developers of the game Rockstar Games did a great job, not in vain, since the game can be considered one of the most popular in the world.

GTA 5 best game

The actions of this masterpiece GTA 5, takes place in the fake state of San Andreas in the city of Los Santos. The content of the game for the passage will revolve around three bandits and murderers, who arrange a very brutal robbery and a series of murders of both police officers and other criminals. As the game progresses, you can switch between the three bandits, and play both from the third person and from the first. You can do and go wherever you want, on foot, or by car, or even on a motorcycle, and while listening to music inside the cars, switching radio stations. Most of the tasks in the game will be built around car thefts and brutal robberies.

Grand Theft Auto V has become the world's most expensive production and advertising game. And not in vain, since GTA V became the best-selling game in the world in 2018, it was second only to Tetris and minecraft. There are also three different endings in the game, so you can play the game three times to see all the endings of this epic game.

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So we safely advise you download gta 5, we have through torrent, and enjoy this masterpiece of the gaming industry. To fully explore the game world of GTA 5, you will have to play more than a dozen hours. Collectibles are scattered around the game world, which you should collect all, collecting these things, you will also go through side tasks, and receive a reward.

Game info

Year: 2015
Genre: Action Games, Adventure Games
Developer: Rockstar North
Interface language: English, Russian
Tablet: Sewn

Minimum system requirements

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Core 2 Q6600
Memory: 4Gb
Video card: NVIDIA 9800 GT with 1 GB of video memory
Hard Drive Memory: 72Gb

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  1. Jury

    Quite an interesting and addictive game, and most importantly there is no specific passage.

    1. Jacks

      Bro is this offline or online

      1. muaz

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        1. Nayeemuddin Surkhi

          Nayeem Uddin

  2. Anatoly

    I downloaded the GTA 5 game via torrent. Downloaded very quickly. I just really love shooting games.

    1. never gonna give you up

      how do i download it please tell anyone

      1. shimirayan

        il faut installer utorrent dans la page qui ya tu fais télécharger ya utorrent qui va s ouvrir tu attend environ 1j et 8h pour moi et tu le trouvera dans ton bureau

      2. ishmeal

        Bakala how do you download the game

      3. yassin

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  3. Sergei

    A very interesting game with great graphics. I’ve been playing for a long time, but I didn’t reach the ending.

  4. Tatyana A.

    I love games in the GTA series. It downloaded very quickly, there were no problems with the installation. Everything is super.

    1. Jacks

      Bro is this offline or online

      1. balaji


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      1. shimirayan

        1j and 8h

  5. Anna

    Excellent graphics, downloaded the game GTA 5 via torrent, everything is very fast. Now I play and enjoy my favorite game.

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  6. Alexander

    Played GTA 5 on the "shaitan box". Here, without options, this is Rockstar. And the developers, in turn, are a quality mark. Great storyline and well-choreographed dialogue and cutscenes. Three stories at once, against one of the fourth part. The charismatic main characters, but also the minor ones, are pleasing to the eye. And most importantly, tons of cars and entertainment for every taste. Everything in the game is made at the highest quality level !!! ;-)

    1. IBO

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  7. Boris

    Well, at least such chaos can be arranged only in the game. In life, almost everything that happens in GTA5 falls under the Criminal Code : Lol: Therefore, the GTA series of games is so popular all over the world. Briefly, the game can be described with the words: trash, lawlessness, danger, fun. Adrenaline is already off the scale of the game in GTA. Well, the 5th series of this game is the apogee of all this outrage.

    1. January

      vraiment t'as pas mentir

  8. Vlasdislav

    I played all parts of the GTA and this is the second game that really lured me for a long time! As for the plot, then you will take a very long time. According to the schedule, the game is elegantly drawn, the developers have worked wonderfully. A big plus is the game that you can play online. I also wanted to note that I do not have the most powerful laptop, but I managed to play on decent settings. I advise everyone! : Idea: ;-)

  9. Oleg

    An interesting plot, three main characters, each has its own personality, its own character. The graphics of the game are very realistic, there are a lot of radio stations for every taste, which makes the gameplay very enjoyable, a large number of secondary missions. I liked that the main robberies in the storyline, and before each robbery, you need to come up with a detailed plan of action, involving assistants in this.

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      What operating system do you have, and what bit is 32 or 64 bit?

  30. Yoby

    Hey im having problems when i try to install, it says error code -12 metadata.dat failed CRC check

    any help pls?

  31. Vaibhav

    At Beginning of the installation got the error,
    unarc.dll returned an error code: - 12.
    can somebody tell how to fix this?

    1. Piratgamer (author)

      Try to search for a solution to the problem in Google, since the problem is on your side, on your computer. Repack worker.

  32. hamza

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    Game setup is not opening in my pc
    PC specs
    4 GB ram
    i5 2.5 ghz
    Gtx 550 Ti 1 GB vram : Idea: : Evil:

    1. Ahsan

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  70. skate-bouy

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