How to optimize your mining rig for maximum profit?

Mining profitability (earnings - expenses) changes all the time, and miners know that this is just a game of numbers. When income decreases, many of you start asking how to increase profitability. Let's see what you can do to achieve this.

There are 4 things you can do to increase profitability:

  1. Reduce power consumption
  2. Reduce the price of your electricity
  3. Use the mining rig as a heater
  4. Choose the most profitable miner

Reduced power consumption

For this you need a program MSI Afterburnerto limit power consumption. We recommend that you use a wattmeter to measure the actual power consumption, but this is not necessary.

  1. Connect your rig to electricity with a wattmeter and run it.
  2. Download and install MSI Afterburner.
  3. Start mining and write power consumption from wattmeter и current hashrate.
  4. Use MSI Afterburner to decrease parameter Power Limit up to 85% and again write down the power consumption and hash rate. 
  5. Decrease parameter Power Limit by another 5%, up to 80%, and again write down the power consumption and hash rate.
  6. Carry on until you notice a drop in hash rate.
  7. Save your settings.

With this method, you should save from 20% to 30% on your electricity bills.

Reducing the price of your electricity

Everything is pretty simple here. Change your electricity provider.

Most people haven't changed their electricity provider for a long time. If you are a miner, it is recommended that you check local providers and send them a request. Compare the offer you received with that of your current provider and change the provider if you can find a cheaper one.

Even if you drop the price by 5%, that could mean a lot, and this could be the point where mining will still be profitable.

Using the mining rig as a heater

Most people in the Northern Hemisphere need heating for the next few months. Instead of using heaters to heat your home, you can use a mining rig and even make money while doing it, or at least pay less than using other types of electric heaters.

If you spend 80 € per month for heating, wouldn't it be better if you run a rig that earns about 80 € and pay 90 € for electricity? This means you only pay 10 € for heating.

Choosing the most profitable miner

Last but not least, you need to choose the most profitable miner to optimize your mining income. You can choose a miner by this link.

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