A Guide to Overclocking RAM with DRAM Ryzen Calculator

In this guide, we're going to show you how to use the Ryzen calculator DRAM to overclock your RAM, and thus improve your hashrate RandomX Monero and the gaming experience in general. This guide can be used to overclock your RAM, even if you only want to improve your gaming performance and get the most out of your RAM.

First of all you need you need download these tools:

Using Thaiphoon Burner to Get RAM Information

First of all, we need to get accurate information about the RAM. Thaiphoon Burner reads all the information it needs and allows you to save it as an xml file, which is then used to inject the RAM information into DRAM Ryzen calculator.

Follow these steps to save RAM information:

  1. Extract the downloaded file to the desired folder.
  2. Open tianphoon.exe.
  3. Click the button Read
  4. Choose your RAM. If you are using the same RAM sticks, select only one of them.
  5. Click the button Report.
  6. Scroll down and click on Show Delays in nanoseconds.
  7. Click on the Export button and select Complete HTML Report.
  8. Save the file to the desired folder, such as your desktop.
A Guide to Overclocking RAM with DRAM Ryzen Calculator

Leave Thaiphoon Burner open, you will need to read some precise RAM information later.

Calculating Frequency Values ​​with DRAM Ryzen Calculator

Here we will enter the HTML report that we saved from Thaiphon burner and calculate the frequency values ​​for your RAM.

1.Launch Ryzen DRAM Calculator:

  1. Extract the Ryzen Calculator DRAM to the desired folder.
  2. Run Ryzen DRAM Calculator (version) .exe.

2.Filling basic RAM settings:

  1. Processor: Select your processor generation from the drop-down menu. You can find the processor generation cheat sheet below.
  2. Memory type: can be found in Thaiphoon Burner under the Report tab. DRAM manufacturer and DRAM Die Revision.
  3. Frequency (MT / s): Select the frequency you want (official RAM frequency), we recommend 3200MHz.
  4. DIMMs: choose your number of RAM sticks. 
  5. Motherboard: Choose your motherboard's chipset.
  6. Leave DRAM PCB revision, Memory Rank and BCLK unchanged.
A Guide to Overclocking RAM with DRAM Ryzen Calculator
ZEN 1Zen+ZEN 2ZEN 3 (not yet available)
Ryzen 1000 SeriesRyzen 2000 SeriesRyzen 3000 SeriesRyzen 5000 Series

3. Entering RAM information from Thaiphoon Burner

After setting up the basic information inside the DRAM Ryzen Calculator, you can load the rest of the RAM information instead of manually entering it.

  1. Click the button XMP import inside DRAM Ryzen Calculator
  2. Find the file previously saved from Thaiphoon Burner and open it.
A Guide to Overclocking RAM with DRAM Ryzen Calculator

4. Calculation of RAM frequencies

Click the button Calculate SAFE (or FAST) to calculate frequencies. Safe calculation leaves room for improvement and should be more stable than fast calculation.

You can also compare frequencies with the current ones by pressing Compare timings (ON / OFF). This will help you find the appropriate frequencies for changing the BIOS.

Almost done! All you have to do is apply these calculations to your RAM through the motherboard BIOS. Take a snapshot of the calculation results with your mobile phone and keep following the guide.

Applying overclocking settings to RAM via BIOS

In the last step, you will enter the world of real computer nerds (in a good way). We recommend that you be careful. Always double-check the entered values. Also make sure to enter a value in the appropriate field, some abbreviations are quite ambiguous.

You may find that some frequencies or voltages are named differently. We recommend checking each of the settings on the Internet, as their description would be too long. Each manufacturer may name the frequencies slightly differently.

Not all settings need to be changed. Leave the ones that are not listed in the calculator blank.

1. Basic RAM setup:

  1. Reload your rig.
  2. Enter the motherboard BIOS by clicking OF or F2 several times at boot. 
  3. If you are not yet in advanced mode (Advanced mode)click F7 to open it.
  4. Set BIOS to default settings. You can read how to do it here.
  5. Switch to OC Tweaker (or its equivalent). The navigation menu may differ slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer.
  6. Open the snapshot DRAM Ryzen Calculator on your mobile phone that you did earlier. 
  7. Indicate for DRAM Frequency the value defined in the calculator. We recommend 3200MHz.
  8. Indicate for Infinity Fabric ½ the DRAM Frequency value. In our case, this is 1600 MHz.
  9. Set DRAM Voltage to the value calculated by the Ryzen DRAM calculator.
  10. Specify SOC, VDDG (CCD, IOD) and VDDP Voltage. Use the Recommended (Rec.) Field from the calculator. Please note that the location of this setting can vary depending on the motherboard manufacturer.
A Guide to Overclocking RAM with DRAM Ryzen Calculator

2. Setting DRAM frequencies

  1. Open DRAM Timing Configuration (or equivalent). Here you will see a bunch of weird acronyms like CAS # or RAS #. 
  2. Start entering frequencies as shown in the image below. Enter all frequencies, not just the one visible in the image.
  3. Once complete, and if the BIOS allows you, save the overclocking pattern.
  4. Save changes and exit BIOS. Double-check everything before leaving!
  5. If the RAM frequencies have been applied successfully, the rig will boot normally.
  6. If you observe boot problems after applying frequencies, simply reset the BIOS using the CMOS jumper or by removing the battery. You can read how to reset BIOS here.
A Guide to Overclocking RAM with DRAM Ryzen Calculator

You may need several tries to successfully overclock your RAM. But the pleasure after a successful overclocking will be much greater. Good luck!

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