Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts download torrent

City Interactive is a well-known studio operating in Poland. She gained fame due to the many developments in the field of creating games that are conducted from one person in the form of a shooter. In fact, this is one of the first simulators related to sniper shooting.

Not too long ago, the company released one of the games created in the genre of a fantastic action movie, which was able to keep many fans of the game afloat for a while. But in order to return faith in the game, as well as completely change its concept, the studio released another part. For those who wish to play it, you can download Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts torrent for free.

Game Features Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts

The plot was not revealed at the stage of manufacturing the product, but those who played in the previous versions were well aware that the sequel would be built on the fight against various terrorist forces.

If you decide download Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts torrent, then you should prepare for the following features of the game:

  • the emergence of unexplored spaces where you can carry out the gameplay;
  • the opportunity to use a whole set of completely new weapons;
  • the graphic component of the new version of the game has been improved several times;
  • the ability to return directly to the very origins of the game;
  • the optimization level is high enough.

Before as download Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts torrent, it is worth paying attention to a completely new concept. With its help, the player returns to the model, which used large enough locations. In the new version, there is a complete rejection of an open and large enough world, as the developers decided to work on each separate location. Each of the proposed zones acts as a separate task. Due to this, the players have the opportunity to go on missions, issue contracts, and also receive awards for this. This system was used in older versions of the games, so there are no special differences.

If you want to try yourself in a completely new kind of game for you, you can download Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts torrent on our website в любое время дня и ночи.

Game info

Year: 2019
Genre: Action Games
Developer: CI Games
Version: 1.04 GOG Full (Last)
Interface language: English, Russian
Tablet: Sewn

Minimum system requirements

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64bit)
Processor: Intel Core i5 4460
Memory: 8Gb
Video card: GTX 760
Hard Drive Memory: 20Gb

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Comments: 7
  1. Verean

    A good game about snipers. Great graphics with extensive locations : Idea: : Idea: : Idea: There is where to turn :!: Addictive and hard to break away from the game : Oops: Five for developers! Everything is very cool! It seems to me that this is the best game in this series to date. Recommend : Idea: : Idea: : Idea: Download, install and immerse yourself in the game world)))

  2. Vladimir

    I love games of this genre. And the subject of snipers and similar things has always been alien to me. ;-) There was no feeling that it reminds me of a movie that I have already seen, but I don’t remember which one. : roll: In general, the game was not very bad and interesting. I spent more than one hour of time behind her and I can say that I’m definitely not without pleasure for myself. : Idea:

  3. Nicholas

    I liked the game, like all previous versions. The new version seems at first glance very compressed. In fact, here is a completely different concept and plot. The graphics are excellent, the drawing of details in good quality is impressive. Weapons of the new were added and became more than in the old version. In general, a good sniper shooter that you want to go through to the end.

  4. Alexander

    In this part I really like the graphics and the mechanics of shooting itself, it is certainly better implemented than in the previous parts. I went through the company, rather short but it was cool, although not so hot, but the game is quite dynamic and stealth is not bad, there is variability in the passage and this is a clear plus. Far from a masterpiece, but a strong action game, with a juicy picture and solid gameplay :|

  5. Sanya

    Nice to play, good product. A bit easy to complete, even at maximum difficulty - if, of course, lie in cover with a sniper rifle. In general, an excellent sniper game came out with really beautiful graphics and good sound.
    This is the best modern sniper game, beyond praise.
    Special thanks to the developers!

  6. Vlad

    This is perhaps the best of the Sniper game line and one of the best stealth-style shooters. The fact that the graphics are simply gorgeous, to say nothing, a very cool plot and just huge and beautifully traced locations. These slow mo style shots are simply gorgeous, and the X-ray damage will not leave anyone indifferent. I am very pleased with this game, very cool and without flaws.

  7. Felix riot

    After the first two hours, I can say with confidence: the game was a success. The stupid open world from the previous part has disappeared. The map is still large, but this is only the territory for completing the task of them - there are several on the map, they are allowed to pass in any order.
    Games with wind, range and correction are in place. A bunch of different cartridges for all occasions - suddenly the shooting takes on depth. Weapon modifications - yes.
    For maniacs: dismembered - delivered. There was such a thing back in Soldier of Fortune (oldfags remember), but for our tolerant 2019 year - just "Wow"! Not expected. Corpses don't disappear (hello Far Cry!) - surprised again.
    Plot: cranberries with balalaikas. Well, at least there are good Russians.
    The graphon was delivered. Someone cannot cope with the Unreal Engine (I mean you, Obsidian), but these have saddled the Cry Engine ... The textures, of course, could be more honorable, but the lighting and atmosphere - at least smear them. Optimizon is also there, especially compared to the previous part, which they could not. On my ancient GTX980 - 60 fps in FullHD at high settings, and even with VSync.
    In general, fans of leisurely shooters will definitely go. I even remembered Project IGI….

;-) :| :x : Twisted: : Smile: : Shock: : sad: : roll: : Razz: : Oops: :o : Mrgreen: : Lol: : Idea: : Grin: : Evil: : Cry: : Cool: : Arrow: : ???: :?: :!: