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TheHunter: Call of the Wild appeared on Steam in 2017. She has a lot of all sorts of advantages: a limitless world, a large number of wild animals, colorful graphics, and even a game on the network is provided. Because of this, she gained some popularity and many are wondering where Download TheHunter: Call of the Wild torrent?

What is TheHunter: Call of the Wild about?

Gaming space can present an interesting and original adventure, if you look well. Let me introduce - The Hunter: Call of the Wild, which can send you on a long journey and allows you to play the roles of both animals and hunters. Simply put, you will plunge into an adventure and will carefully study the land with its flora and fauna, located on an area of ​​fifty thousand km2. It will all be open to exploring and creating an atmosphere of adventure in the wild. The gameplay is designed for 8 people, so you can invite your friends and become part of one big study. For this it’s worth download TheHunter: Call of the Wild torrent.

What's interestnig

You will have access to time that recreates real conditions, a simulator of the behavior of the inhabitants of the fauna with full compliance, food chain, hierarchy, and more:

  • many interesting locations will be discovered on this earth: dense forest, endless field, desert, lowland, lake and all that will suit the real conditions;
  • being in the role of a hunter, you will need to create a personal adventure map with marks of the most important places, animal gatherings, location of traps and towers, etc .;
  • to become a hunter, you must well study the habits of the inhabitants of the fauna, set various traps;
  • in the arsenal there will be different types of weapons and devices for hunting at close and long distances;
  • the development of the game and its add-ons lasted 10 years, which helped to fill the game with maximum changes;
  • in addition to weapons, there are various modifications in the game that will allow you to change the main property of the weapon: add a silencer, bait, improve the characteristics of the sight in order to achieve success.

Game projects from this series are famous for preserving the original traditional settings and just expanding the game space, while improving the game engine and adventure design graphics. To join the lovers of the classics and start playing, on our site you can download TheHunter: Call of the Wild torrent.

Game info

Year: 2017
Genre: Adventure Games, Simulation, Sports
Developer: Expansive worlds
Version: 1.49 2019 Edition Full (Last) + All Add-ons (DLC) + CUATRO COLINAS GAME RESERVE
Interface language: English, Russian
Tablet: Sewn

Minimum system requirements

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel i3-4170
Memory: 4Gb
Video card: GTX 660
Hard Drive Memory: 20Gb

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Comments: 6
  1. Oleg

    Very beautiful nature. The best hunting simulator.
    The only thing missing is a survival system, the need for water-food. And not enough fishing ;-)

  2. Artem

    In the beginning I want to say that there is no plot as such. He is not needed. After all, the game was created in order to get used to the role of hunters and see the beautiful landscapes of nature. In the game you have to merge with nature together, as our ancestors did, in order to understand what everything will need to be learned. If you were looking for a good simulator then this is what you need. : Idea:

  3. GF

    Wonderful game. Very beautiful and meditative. As someone said in a nearby review, this is a “cozy hunt” :) You’re walking through the woods - rain, fog, is already getting dark little by little, and then like elk CARTET at fifty meters! Headphones fly off your head!

    The gameplay can be divided into two parts - before finding the subject of the hunt, and after. Until you meet the beast, you can go and admire the forest, fields, plains, canyons, lakes ... You walk along the marshy terrain, and you are left with crumpled grass. The branches rustle when you touch them, needles pour from conifers ...

    And in all this magnificence you notice from afar (or hear a warning cry near) the animal. A deer, fallow deer, moose hefty, bear or bison ... And the gameplay immediately changes - you no longer pay attention to beauty, you lie belly in the dirt and you begin to figure out how best to shoot him. You come in from the leeward side, try not to touch the branches, not look out of the grass ...

    Just take any gun and shoot at any animal - no one forbids, but if you are interested in the “right” hunt, you need to consider which caliber is suitable for which deer, how to kill the animal with 1 shot and where, which trophy to take from it later (horns - only from males), and so on. This is a whole science!

    The animals in the game are made with no less attention than the surrounding nature - all habits, animations, sounds. The first time you see a hefty moose coming out of the fog, your heart skips a beat ... Or when the bear stands warningly on its hind legs, or a flock of wild boars carefully creeps into the bushes. Everyone looks and sounds like alive, you “believe” in everyone, which makes observing and hunting them a hundred times more interesting.

    Having learned to track down prey and sneak up on it, it will be necessary to master shooting skills. Firstly, HOW and from which competently shoot from different distances, and secondly, WHERE to shoot. Hurry - and fill up a great shot, hitting the animal in the thigh. Examine where the lungs and heart are, and try to aim there, ideally on the side of the animal. In this case, 1 shot in the lungs or ridge (provided that you have chosen the correct caliber and type of bullet) will be enough to dump the animal on the spot, or leave it to run for 10-15 seconds.

    A separate mini-game is tracking down a badly shot animal. So you saw a deer with hefty horns, fired and ... not fatally wounded, the deer fled. Logic tells us that now he will rush through the forest for 10 minutes, and there is no sense behind him, but greed is forcing him to follow in the tracks, turning a kilometer per kilometer, from one blood stain to another ...

    It is interesting to explore the hunting grounds - at the moment we have 3 parks: American, German and Russian. Each has its own types of living creatures, its own nature and beauty. In American - lakes and canyons, in German - flood meadows, hills, corn fields and windmills, in Russian - severe taiga, cold and snowy. Everyone comes to my mood, I don’t sit for a long time in any one. I wanted to look for bison - I went to Germany, Roosevelt deer by the lake - to America, to find the elusive lynx - to Mother Russia and so on. The variety is amazing.

    Advice - after making a successful shot, do not scoot headlong to the killed animal. Approach slowly and without making too much noise. It is highly likely that the animals in the neighborhood (or from the same herd as the victim) will soon calm down and return to their business, providing you with new goals for hunting. If you scare them away, greatly complicate your further hunting in this area.

    To summarize - the game is awesome if you enjoy the beautiful nature around. Whether hunting itself will be pleasant - you will not guess until you try. I “went” right away, now 25 hours I can’t get off the game :) Very beautiful, very atmospheric and soothing. One of the games that have sunk into my soul in recent years.

  4. Kottar

    and an hour and a half I was looking for European doe to take a picture : Lol:

  5. Nicholas

    One of my favorite exciting games is TheHunter: Call of the Wild - I have been passionate about this spectacular game for several years. Everything in it is like in the real world - colorful landscapes: deserts, savannas, mountains, forests, rivers. It contains such realistic animals, and the hunting process is so exciting that I forget about everything during the game, and time flies by unnoticed. I noticed that the game is being improved and has become even more interesting. : Idea: :!: : Smile:

  6. Veronica

    Very cool game and the graphics are just gorgeous. I love games of this type. Therefore, I decided to download it.
    Lord, what landscapes are there? : Oops:
    Walk straight and look at them)
    The main idea of ​​the game is to feel like a hunter. The game is so realistic that you directly get used to the role. There are even animals as living.
    In general, the best game that will not come out of my favorites soon :!:

;-) :| :x : Twisted: : Smile: : Shock: : sad: : roll: : Razz: : Oops: :o : Mrgreen: : Lol: : Idea: : Grin: : Evil: : Cry: : Cool: : Arrow: : ???: :?: :!: