Gaming laptops with powerful processors and graphics cards can warm up to 100 ° on the cores. Then throttling begins, the faculty falls and the processor does not keep its frequencies. Today, there are several methods to lower the temperature.

For example, you can buy a cooling pad, or upgrade thermal grease. But not everyone can take their laptop to the bone and assemble, without damaging the parts. And if you have to carry a laptop with you, then you should always carry the cooling pad, which pleases game computer owners a little.

Advantages of ThrottleStop utility download it on the website

In the modern world, there is an opportunity to radically change the situation using only a software method. Firstly, it is necessary to unload the computer processor from what Windows itself loads on it. This will allow even during normal loading and in idle time to produce fewer different operations. For example, there is always the opportunity ThrottleStop downloadbecause it’s easy and simple.

After launching the ThrottleStop application, the temperature at the processor cores can drop another 20 ° without sacrificing performance, and most importantly - without disassembling the laptop. But these are not all the benefits of using a smart utility:

  • -2-3 ° temperature on the GPU;
  • stable frequencies;
  • lack of throttling;
  • a little less noise from the fans.

ThrottleStop download absolutely free. The program does not require installation, and at each launch, the latest settings will be automatically applied.

Undervolting program ThrottleStop download

Undervolting is a way to maintain stable frequencies and reduce laptop heating, which consists in lowering voltage and voltage on an Intel central processor.

The processor is supplied with excess voltage already laid down at the production stage. Removing it does not affect system performance, but it helps to reduce the processor’s operating temperature. In some cases, it may not decrease, because such a quantity of voltage can go to a smart spare part that it makes no sense to lower it. But this rarely happens.

All iron settings in the ThrottleStop program are regulated at your own peril and risk. But in principle - it is safe. After all, if a laptop user has reduced the voltage a little more than expected, during the stress test of the load he will go to the blue screen, reboot and reset the voltage settings to factory defaults. application ThrottleStop download it is possible under this text with a single click.

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